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Blind Spot Sign France (Magnetic)

  • Sticks magnetically
  • Mandatory in France
  • Comes with instructions
  • For Trucks & Campers > 3.5 tons

Green Truck  Product available

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Blind Spot Magnetic Sign France

From January 1, 2021, France has introduced mandatory blind spot stickers (Angles Morts). All vehicles, trucks, buses, campers, mobile homes over 3.5 tons are required from this date to affix an Angles Morts sticker to their vehicle. The stickers should be applied to both sides and the rear of the vehicle in a clearly visible place.

Blind spot stickers warn cyclists, pedestrians and vulnerable road users for the blind spots; places around the vehicle that the driver cannot see. The stickers are 25 cm high and 17 cm wide with the text: “Attention – Angles Morts”.

Three stickers must be applied per vehicle, at a height between 90 and 150 centimeters above the ground: one sticker on the back and right of the center and the other two on both sides within 1 meter from the front of the vehicle.

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