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Umweltplakette Germany

The environmental badge also applies for foreign vehicles! The so-called “Kennzeichnungsverordnung” (Vehicle Registration Regulation) came into effect in Germany on 1 March 2007. This law enable cities and municipalities to set up environment zones if the emission threshold values for fine particles are exceeded. These measures are intended to ensure cleaner air in inner city areas and other densely trafficked areas by only allowing vehicles with the proper sticker to drive in these zones.

Numerous cities have set up or decreed environment zones to reduce pollution in their city centres. Vehicles with particularly bad exhaust values such as old diesel vehicles without particle filter systems and vehicles with petrol engine and an insufficient exhaust cleansing (regulated catalyser) are not allowed to drive in the environment zones.

The zones polluted by emissions are designated with the sign “Umweltzone”. A supplementary sign shows which vehicles with which sticker are allowed to drive in the environment zone. Initially, the driving ban only applied to vehicles without a sticker or with a red sticker. In the meantime, only low-emission vehicles or motor vehicles with special rights may drive into the designated zones.

The term “particulate matter (PM10)/ fine dust” refers to the particles produced by a combustion process, for example. This also produces harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ammoniac. The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) annually measures the particulate matter concentrations in Germany and demands stricter limit values. Further data and evaluations can be found here.

German Low Emission Zones

A low-emission zone in Germany is a zone which motorized vehicles can only enter with an emissions sticker. In German, these zones are called Umweltzone which translates as environmental zone. As of 2019, Germany has 58 low-emission zones comprising more than 70 cities. Most of these are in the states Baden-Württemberg and Nordrhein-Westfalen. An overview including a map with all zones can be found on the Official Umweltbundesamt website.

Umwelt ZONE German cities

High fines Driving in a designated environment zone without a valid sticker or exemption permit is an administrative offence and since 1 May 2014 carries a cash fine of 70 GBP plus.

Where do you place the sticker?
The badge must be attached to the inside of the windscreen at the lower right-hand edge in order to be valid. It must not be attached anywhere in the upper part of the windscreen. A fine may be due if the environmental badge is not attached correctly.

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