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Austrian Emissions Sticker HGV/LKW

  • Official Austrian Environmental Vignette
  • Valid in all environmental zones
  • Always machine printed
  • Avoid fines with this sticker
  • Lifetime Validity

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  • Green checkmarkDelivery within 10 days

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Austrian Emissions Sticker HGV/LKW

Since 01/01/2015, the Austrian environmental sticker “Umwelt-Pickerl” has been introduced in Austria, which is mandatory for all trucks, regardless of fuel type and permissible total weight, if they want to enter one of the environmental zones. This also includes the so-called fiscal passenger cars that are registered as N1 trucks.

The following vehicles fall under the low-emission zones in Austria and require an environmental sticker when entering: vans (N1), trucks (N2), heavy trucks (N3).

Not affected are motorcycles such as motorcycles, passenger cars (except tax cars), buses or agricultural and forestry machines. However, all vehicles can voluntarily purchase an environmental sticker and thus underline the “ecological cleanliness” of the vehicle.

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