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E-Sticker Germany

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  • Official German E-Plakette
  • Exclusively for Electric Vehicles
  • Enjoy the Avoid a fine benefits of the blue sticker

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E-Sticker Germany

The German government has been trying to improve the air quality in German cities for years. To reinforce this goal, the German government has determined that electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen vehicles with low CO2 emissions enjoy a number of privileges.

To be able to use these privileges, a vehicle must have either an E-kennzeichnen for German vehicles or an E-plakette for vehicles with a foreign registration number. Please note, this sticker does not replace the green environmental badge! It is an extra sticker that needs to be stuck on the reverse.

Benefits Blue Vignette

The benefits of the E-Klever Germany are determined per city or municipality. The number of advantages for electric vehicles with a German E-Sticker is increasing. Consider the following privileges:

✓ Riding closed off streets
✓ Use of bus lanes/blue lanes (where indicated)
✓ Free parking at charging stations or for a certain number of hours
✓ One-way traffic does not apply to vehicles with an E-plate on a number of streets

Please note: only possible for electric vehicles not registered in Germany!

German E-Plakette

Your vehicle is entitled to a German E-sticker if it is fully electric and not registered in Germany. You can also claim a German E-sticker with a hybrid vehicle. The vehicle must then meet a number of conditions:

✓ Your vehicle may emit a maximum of 50 grams of CO2 per kilometre.
✓ Your vehicle must have an electric range of at least 30 km on paper.
✓ For vehicles from 01-01-2018, a minimum of 40 km applies.

Please note:
Incidentally, German law states that, in addition to the E-sticker, the German Environmental Vignette must always be affixed to the vehicle if you want to enter a German environmental zone with the vehicle.

The application of the environmental vignettes is clearly arranged: the German green sticker is stuck on the windscreen, the E-sticker on the rear window.

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